Seaman's Handbook

Authority for Transport in Malta Act - Chapter 499



The Government shall through the establishment of the Authority for Transport in Malta seek to promote and develop the transport sector in Malta by means of proper regulation and by the promotion and development of related services, businesses and other interests both locally and internationally.



The Government shall determine Malta’s policies and objectives in the transport sector and shall appropriate such funds and provide such resources, as it considers necessary to achieve such aims.



The Government shall endeavour, through the Authority, to achieve the following main objectives and policies:

  • develop integrated transport policies aimed at achieving modal shifts that favour public transport and non-polluting strategies;
  • ensure the development of an efficient and socially sustainable public transport system in Malta;
  • promote the maritime and civil aviation facilities of Malta and the registration of ships and aircraft under the Maltese flag;
  • promote policies that favour the development of Malta as a maritime hub in the Mediterranean and as an entre-port to the European Union;
  • encourage measures for the development of civil aviation and ancillary services, and in particular of air transport services of both passengers and cargo;
  • ensure that the administration, services and operations of ports and yachting centres in Malta are more efficient and cost-effective;
  • provide a sound financial basis for the Authority to be able to achieve target returns and investments; and
  • standardise practices in the transport sector in Malta in line with international norms and with those of the European Union in particular.