Seaman's Handbook

Authority for Transport in Malta Act - Chapter 499


  • The Minister may, after consultation with the Authority, by Order published in the Gazette and with effect from such date or dates as may be laid down in such Order, appoint in respect of any Directorate that may have been established under this Act, a Management Committee consisting of a Chairperson and such other members named in the Order. The Committee shall have such executive and, or advisory powers as may be laid down in the Order that may be determined by the Minister after consultation with the Authority.
  • The members of the Management Committee shall hold office for such period and on such terms and conditions as the Minister may determine in the Order aforesaid.
  • The provisions of sub-articles (5)(a), (6) and (9) of article 5 shall mutatis mutandis apply to the members of the management committees.
  • Each Management Committee shall keep minutes of all its meetings and shall forward copies of such minutes to the Authority, The provisions of article 13 shall mutatis mutandis apply to the committee and its acts or proceedings.