Seaman's Handbook

Authority for Transport in Malta Act - Chapter 499


  • The Administrative Review Tribunal established by
    article 5 of the Administrative Justice Act shall be competent to
    hear and determine:
    • appeals made by any person aggrieved by any decision
      of the Authority not to grant or renew, or to suspend or
      to revoke a licence, or to impose conditions,
      limitations or exclusions therein or therefore; and
    • appeals made by any person aggrieved by an
      administrative or any other penalty imposed on that
      person by the Authority.
  • Any proceedings which immediately before the coming into force of this article are pending before the Transport Appeals Board established under the Malta Transport Authority Act shall, with effect from the 1st September 2009 , be assigned to the Administrative Review Tribunal mentioned in this article for decision and thereafter shall be regulated by the provisions of Part III of the Administrative Justice Act.
  • There shall be a right of appeal in accordance with the provisions of Part IV of the Administrative Justice Act from decisions of the Administrative Review Tribunal under sub-article (1) or (2) and such appeal shall be to the Court of Appeal (Inferior Jurisdiction).