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Dufour 36 participation at ORC World Championship in Italy

Dufour Yachts is proud to announce that after having been elected European Boat of the year, the Dufour 36 Performance will participate in the World Championship ORC Group 2 to Ancona from 21-29 June 2013 (Italy).

06 June 2013

This prestigious meeting gathers the biggest names of the International sail, the renowned crews in a big program of regattas which lasts a whole week.
Dufour's objective is to demonstrate the Dufour 36's performances in a competitive environnment and to win the World championship ORC Groups 2 International. Dufour feels that they can undoubtedly reach this goal thanks to their wonderful crew.
Helmsman : Filippo Pacinotti
Tacticien : Gabriele Benussi
Main sail : Andrea Felci
Sheets : Marco Laurino
Sheets : Federico Michetti
Flooter : Francesca Cerutti
Halyards : Stefano Nicolussi
Bowman: Carlo Zermini

The team is officially supported by Dufour Yachts. Silvano Botti, owner of Settemari Yacht, dealer in Italy, is the general coordinator.

The sail maker Elvstrom France supplies the set of sails and Daddo Castelli is responsible for the conception work and fine tuning.

Umberto Felci, architect of the 36 Performance for Dufour Yachts, is vice coordinator.

The Dufour 36 « Port of la Spezia » is now in the Adriatic to start the training before the championship.

For further details, please contact:
S&D Yachts Limited
'Sea Breeze', Giuseppe Cali Street,
Ta' Xbiex MSD 14
Tel: 2132 0577
Fax: 2133 2259