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PO BOX 30, Hamrun ,  Malta
+356 9923 2114

BICREF (The Biological Conservation Research Foundation) is the environmental non-government organization best known for its work on marine conservation, dolphin, whale, turtle and marine biodiversity research and awareness. Through the many years BICREF and Dr. Adriana Vella, Ph.D have been often contacted in cases of sightings or strandings of these creatures by various sea-users. This can be done to assist the long-term dedicated and scientific research that has been on going since 1996.

Malta Maritime Law Association
Maritime House,
Lascaris Wharf, Valletta VLT 1921,  Malta
(+356) 2725 0320
+356 2125 0320

The Malta Maritime Law Association (MMLA) is a non-profit making, voluntary organization which was set up in 1994 with the aim to promote the study and advancement of Maritime Law and its administration. The MMLA assists in the unification of maritime and mercantile law and practice of different nations. Even though a law association, the MMLA is composed of members from the various sectors in the maritime environment and thus provides a forum for the discussion of topical matters in the maritime field.

Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre
Maritime Trade Centre,Xatt L-Ghassara Ta' L-Gheneb, Marfa HMR 12,  Malta
(+356) 2122 2203
+356 2125 0365

The Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre is a non-profit and non-commercial centre that collaborate and co-ordinate its activities with stake-holders in the transport and logistics industry in Malta that have a commercial, business or public interest in the industry and afford a greater and more effective synergy between the stakeholders and industry participants of Malta.

Sea Cadet Corps (Malta GC)
Rinella Bay, Kalkara KKR 1501,  Malta
(+356) 2166 7643
Training Ship St. Paul was first commissioned in 1962 in HMS Phoenicia on Manoel Island and has been an active Unit ever since. Its first Commanding Officer was Lt (SCC) W T Haworth RNR. His successor Lt Cdr (SCC) D Wigglesworth RNR took over the Unit in 1963. Lt Cdr (SCC) J V Ebejer RNR was appointed as the third Commanding Officer in 1968 just before the Unit moved to HMS St. Angelo, and retained the post until 1990 when Lt. (SCC) C L Camilleri RNR took over command of TS St. Paul. Capt (SCC) P Camilleri RMR commanded the Unit between 2002 / 03. Lt Cdr (SCC) C L Camilleri RNR commanded the Unit again between 2003, and 2007. after which Lt(SCC) J Zahra Davis RNR took command of the unit and remained in the post until 2009 when command of TS St. Paul was passed on to Lt (SCC) D Montebello RMR. The unit is very active and has its own premises in the old Gun Powder magazine in Rinella.