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Malta Fishing Forum
3 Fairview Court, Vjal Il-Qalbiena Mostin, Mosta MST 2388,  Malta
+356 7777 3474
Malta's First and Largest Fishing Forum, created in 2006 the site together with the discussion forum caters for a diverse range of fishing styles, from inshore angling and spear fishing to offshore game fishing. The forum also strives to provide the latest up to date information concerning local fishing legislation, and group this together in an easily accessible location, it actively promotes catch and release and education in order to provide a more sustainable approach to recreational fishing. Since its conception, the Malta Fishing Forum has grown to over one thousand five hundred online members and attracts around five thousand unique visitors a month from around the world; with over 32,000 different posts providing a wealth of varied information. The marine section contains the latest discussions about the most reliable engines, the best boats and what marine electronic equipment you should have onboard along with advice and recommendations.