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Capital Pest Conrol
P.O. Box 63, Msida MSD 01,  Malta
(+356) 2141 9867 / 2141 0590
+356 9946 8988
Capital Pest Control was launched in June 1991 to carry out pest prevention and control services in marine, industrial, commercial, hospitality and the household sectors. The service is mainly aimed at controlling the more common pests such as rodents, crawling insects - mainly ants and cockroaches, as well as stored product pests such as beetles and moths. They eventually saw the need, due to the gradual changes in the micro-climate, to venture into other areas of pest control such as control of termites and dustmites, which can cause great discomfort and damage to the occupants themselves as well as to their belongings. The Company, as a member of the British Pest Control Association, is continuously being updated in its knowledge and work practices through on-line information, technical courses and pest exhibitions in the UK and elsewhere.
Carmelo Caruana Company Limited
Nineteen Twenty Three, Valletta Road, Marsa MRS300,  Malta
(+356) 25681555
+356 25681666
+356 99770103
Set up in the 1920s, Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd has grown from a pioneering family business to an established leader at the helm of the shipping industry, offering one of the most comprehensive and cutting-edge shipping services in the Mediterranean. Constantly building on their wealth of experience, while remaining flexible and open to innovation, has resulted in positive growth and an unparalleled speed-to-market system, which is key to this business, improving competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Over the years, Carmelo Caruana have gained an unrivalled reputation in the freight industry, continuing to guarantee faster and more seamless logistics through the close, strong and forthright alliances they have forged with customers, shipping lines and other business partners, creating integrated solutions that meet their specifications. For this company, the way forward is meeting customer expectations, and 80 years of service mean they know what these are - practical solutions at the most competitive prices and within the shortest time. Their strength lies in their awareness of such requirements, with the addition of that personal touch. Today, Carmelo Caruana forms part of an enterprising operation, Hili Company Ltd. Active in port terminal operations, shipping services, information technology, real estate, financial services, engineering and developmental licensee for McDonald's Restaurants in the following markets: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta.