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Babyloner, No. 2 , Tulip Mansion, Dun Guzepp Gonzi Str.,   Tarxien   TXN 1633
(+356) 99300490
Babylon Maritime Agency is privately owned and operated by a small team of experienced individuals, led by Captain Alaa Ch. Shawkat, all of whom have served on commercial vessels at management level. While this is definitely not the first agency to have been established here in Malta, however our main aim is to be the most proficient in whatever your ship’s needs may be. All ships, yachts, fishing vessels and work boats calling to Maltese ports and also for OPL Malta for supplies, bunkers, crew recruitment and maintenance will find a team of professional staff available 24/7. Our agency will look after your ship’s requirements in the same way its owner would. We can guarantee that there are no hidden and/or unnecessary expenses that will be added onto your account. You will also find our rates and charges to be very competitive and reasonable, leaving you free from any additional financial burdens, thus when compared to other companies you will discover a difference, not only in the services offered, but also in the costs.
At Babylon Maritime we offer a broad range of services for the commercial shipping industry. We are able to cater for any needs that may arise while berthed in any port in Malta or in Out of Port Limits (OPL). Below, in detail, you may find our extensive list of services that we offer and much more.

Safety and Fire Fighting Equipment:

Emergency air breathing devices E?BD, Breathing masks and filters; Fire extinguishers and fire blankets, Fire hoses, boxes, nozzles and couplings, First aid kits, Life buoy-rings, Life jackets and accessories, Line throwing devices, Light – smoke signals Life rafts – equipment and Certification, Emergency lights, Helmets and protective glasses, Boots, working gloves and overalls; Chemical protections suits

Cash to Master Services:

Our agency is capable to deliver cash to master at any Maltese Port and OPL. We can guarantee for our CTM will be done during the ship's stay in port or in OPL and all our deliveries are covered with insurance in order to protect the interest of the ship-owner and our agency. We are also committed to deliver your CTM with the least commissions/fees compared to other competitors.

Bonded Stores:

We are in a position to supply your vessels with any bonded stores required.

Personals & Crew Transfers:

We can guarantee that there are no hidden and/or unnecessary expenses that will be added onto your account when offering you the service boat for your crew & personals transfer.

Crew Changes:

During your stay in Malta, it is the right time to organise your crew changes. Malta's airport is visited by the majority of all major airlines, making it easier to coordinate with the logistics involved with the crew change operations.

Charts & Nautical Publications:

If in need of any updated Charts or Nautical publications, we are fully able to supply you with all your needs. Having all our staff with nautical experience we recognize the importance of supplying your crew with the latest charts and publications.

Ship Supplies:

A proficient and dedicated team of employees, all with past nautical experience on merchant ships, is available for your needs 24/7 to meet all requirements of your ship during its stay in Maltese Port or OPL, as efficiently as possible.

At Babylon Maritime we offer a broad range of services for the Yachting industry. We are able to cater for any needs that may arise during your visit to the sunny island of Malta. Below, in detail, you may find our extensive list of services that we offer and much more.

Berth Reservations:

Leave it in our hands to make all necessary arrangments to reserve a berth in one of the marinas scattered across the island. Bonded Stores & Provisions: If in need to replenish your stores during your stay in Malta, we are capable to supply any kind of bonded stores and provisions for the remainder of your journey.

Travel & Transportation:

In the eventuality that the need arises to travel, during your stay in on this island, we are capable to assist you and provide you with all transport means required, whether by air, land or sea.

Lube Oil Supplies:

For any kind of oil supplies that your yacht requires, we are in a position to supply a broad range of oils.

Under Water Cleaning and other Requests

If in need of any underwater services, we are the ones you need to call to help you out with your services in the most efficient way possible at very reasonable prices.

Engine, Deck Supplies & Stores

Whether you need engine or deck supplies to be able to carry on with your journey or simply requires us to store parts on your behalf, we are well capable to meet your requirements in this sector.

Babylon Maritime Agency offers a range of services one of which is bunkering at and off Malta.. Malta’s location, just 20 nautical miles south of the main shipping route in the Mediterranean Sea, makes it an ideal place for vessels to take bunkers without deviating from their route. There are a number of established bunker suppliers providing timely delivery of various types of Fuel Oil Grades, Gas Oils and Lube Oils. Around the Maltese Islands there are 4 offshore bunkering locations which make it possible to supply vessels in most weather conditions. We can also offer the service of bunkers in port either ex-pipe, by barge or by road tankers. We as Agents will make sure to keep all parties updated with all relevant information for a well-organized delivery.

High efficiency & professional in bunkering operations

We guarantee you the right bunker quality at the right & competitive price.
We guarantee no delays and bunker operations begins on arrival.
Do you know the bunker supplier you are dealing with? We guarantee you the right supplier for your needs.

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Boats, Yachting and other Maritime Publications
Bulk Fuel Suppliers
Bulk Oil Surveyors
Bunkering Services
Conveyance Operators
Life Saving Equipment/Life Jackets
Marine Fuel & Lubricants
Offshore Ship Supply Services
Recycling of Waste Oils
Ship Agents
Ship Chandlers
Ship Supplies
Shipping Agents
Ship-to-Ship Transfer Petroleum
Ship-to-Shore Handling Agents
Underwater Services & Repairs
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