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Aldo Abela Surveys startd operating in 1999, when at the time it was established as an independent and free-lance consultancy bureau mainly focusing on the quality & quantity inspection of marine cargoes and general loss adjusting surveys.

In 2002, Aldo Abela Surveys (AAS) Limited was incorporated, and since then the company continued to build on its strengths and reputation and today it prides itselves in being recognised as a professional and client centric inspection services company providing a highly professional and bespoke service covering the custody transfer of liquid cargoes between buyers, sellers and traders, gas testing, calibration of gas detection & measuring equipment, bunker surveys including off and on-hire surveys, hose testing & certification, pre & post shipment inspections, bulk cargo inspections, cargo damage including tallying and cross-stuffing services, blending operations, ship-to-ship transfers on high seas, sampling of ships and shore tanks, un/loading operations and tank cleanliness certification.

AAS is located right at the heart of Malta's busiest commercial port, Malta Freeport, M'Xlokk, where they are geographically poised to respond and service their clients' needs on a 24/7 basis and in real time covering both off-shore and in-port cargo operations undertaken in Valletta and M'Xlokk ports. This they are able to do through the support of a comprehensive team of qualified marine surveyors who will mobilise themselves round the clock to serve and protect the interests of their clients and principals.

Analytical Services
AAS provides its clients and the industry in general with analytical support services including witnessing of test results at third party laboratories as follows:
1. Trouble shooting
2. Key points testing
3. Contamination analysis
4. Quality control
5. Trace metal analysis

AAS provides on-site cargo sampling services and fast testing turn-around times and reporting thanks to their international network of independent and certified laboratories.

Gas Detection Equipment
AAS are re-sellers of state of the art Gas detection monitors and equipment including sensors, sampling tubes and pumps. Furthermore they provide calibration services of gas detection monitors to ensure that adherence to safety standards is always maintained.

AAS offers rapid repair and calibration services including leasing of gas detection equipment to minimise down-time and ensure continuity of operations.

Calibration of Cargo Tanks
In a world where business margins are shrinking, cost mitigation and control of petroleum products in transaction is very essential. During storage, transfers and blending operations strict consistency in volumetric measures is imperative.

Imperceptible to the human eye, tank shells undergo expansion and contraction due to hydrostatic liquid head pressure, working temperature in regular operation and structural changes & repairs may lead to tilting and settling of storage tanks, thus the importance of calibration and re-calibration.

AAS provides prompt, efficient, capable and experienced team of engineers and technical personnel in order to achieve the pinnacle of accuracy. They use accurate and calibrated linear measuring instruments, precision digital optical laser total stations, ultrasonic devices and flow metres. All field data is processed for analysis by specialised in-house software.

Marine Hose Inspection, Hydrostatic Hose Testing & Certification
AAS provides visual inspection, hydrostatic testing, electric conductivity and certification of marine hoses in line with OCIMF guidelines.

Ship-to-Ship Transfers
AAS can provide you with quantitative and qualitative surveillance services including sampling of cargoes during ship-to-ship transfers which are regularly undertaken off Malta and alongside jetties as the case may be.

Malta is well positioned to serve the offshore sector with a number of international service providers located on the island including supply boats, master mariners, availability of Yokohoma fenders & hoses, inspection services and provision of supplies & parts. To date AAS were entrusted with the supervision of numerous ship-to-ship transfers including crude oil, refined petroleum products and liquefied gas.

Blending Operations
AAS has years of experience in blending of petroleum products. Blending of fuels require an intimate knowledge of petroleum chemistry, ship loading systems, terminal tankage, pumps and pipelines, in order to ensure that multi-components of the blends are being co-mingled in a controlled and planned manner.

Products can be blended by different processes such as in-line through manifold systems, batch blending in tanks and on-board blending in ocean going tankers.

Doping Operations
AAS provides its expertise on doping of crude oil and oil products with chemical additives to improve performance, safety or handling of the products in question. AAS provide competent advice based on laboratory testing and professional experience to choose the best and most cost effective manner to treat the product/s in question.

Doping operations can be undertaken in-line during operations or directly into cargo tanks.

Ship's Cargo Tanks' Cleanliness Inspection
AAS regularly undertakes cargo tanks cleanliness inspection to ensure that vessels can receive their intended cargoes. This is achieved by deploying a team of qualified and experienced marine surveyors who can undertake such assignments at both off-shore and along-side locations.

The cleanliness inspection survey report includes accurate reporting of the condition of the vessel's cargo tanks or holds, coating status (if applicable), previous loaded cargoes, suitability of cleaning methods and presence of residues, if any.

Sampling & Management of Samples
Obtaining a sample that is truly representative of the whole requires experienced professionals using the latest sampling equipment and adhering to internationally accepted norms and standards. Sampling assignments can be undertaken on a 24/7 basis on board tankers, barges, transfer pipe-lines, bunker barges and shore tanks.

AAS provides clients with quick access to representative commercial samples held in their custody and in this regard they provide the following services:
Long-time storage of samples
Handling of samples
Warehousig management
Packing & Labelling
Collection & Forwarding

Petroleum Cargo Inspection & Superintendence
Professional inspection and surveillance services are critical whenever the custody of cargo transfers between buyers, sellers and traders.

In order to facilitate this process AAS deploys a team of experienced and qualified surveyors to assist in the quantity and quality inspection or surveillance of transferred cargoes which includes crude oil, refined products, chemicals and hydro-carbon gases.

These surveyors are trained and equipped in line with the best industry's practice and are able to perform measurements and employ appropriate sampling techniques. Furthermore AAS inspects ships and barges to ensure that the condition of the carrier vessel is suitable for the shipment of the cargo. They identify operational problems that might affect the cargo un/loading operations.

Gauging of Shore Tanks
Accurate quantity measurement is crucial in the trading of bulk liquids, hence the importance of accuracy especially for bill of lading quantification purposes.

AAS provides its clients with tank gauging based on level and temperature measurement. AAS can provide tank gauging services for its clients during:

  • Inventory control
  • Custody transfer 
  • Oil movements and operations 
  • Oil Loss Control & reconciliation 

Bunker Surveys
When ship owners or charterers buy bunker fuel they want to ensure that the requested quantity is actually delivered on board and that the bunker fuel is within the required quality specifications otherwise off specification fuel may affect negatively the vessel's fuel system, engine and/or environmental performance.

AAS can provide its clients with 24/7 bunker quantity and quality surveys inside ports and offshore locations and we pride ourselves to be in a position to advise our clients when it comes to the delivery and on-board use of marine fuels.

Condition Surveys
Condition surveys are usually undertaken in association with bunker surveys and their main scope is to undertake a thorough inspection of the condition of the vessel including its loading gear, cargo holds and hatches. AAS provides its clients with documented proof including photographic evidence of the general state of the vessel that is being bought, chartered or used.

Gas Testing & Work Permits
One of our mission goals at AAS is to promote the culture of safety and best working practices in enclosed spaces and cargo tanks, where there is likely to be shortage of oxygen and may contain asphyxiating, toxic or explosive gases.

AAS employs two gas chemists who in turn are approved by Transport Malta, which is the regulating authority in Malta covering Dangerous cargo ships, marine terminals & facilities and bunkering regulations. AAS provides gas testing and certification on board vessels prior to and during repairs, men entry permits and issuance of hot and cold permits.

Pre & Post Shipment Inspections AAS provides pre-shipment inspection (PSI) and post shipment inspection of marine cargoes as an integral part of the supply chain management function and a reliable quality control method for checking of goods during trading transactions.

AAS provides technical expertise during the following stages of the supply chain management:
Incoming production materials inspections
Pre & post shipment inspections
During production inspections
Loading inspections

AAS also carries out on-site inspections in-line with pre-defined criteria as follows:
Safety standards
Contractual specifications
Visual inspection
Additional client defined criteria

AAS provides random sampling services directly from production lines.

Cargo Damage Surveys
AAS provides its clients with factual and timely independent inspection reports that helps determine the condition of the cargo and any possible cause of damage.

When they establish the nature and extent of the damage in their cargo damage survey reports they are helping their clients mitigate possible financial losses resulting from damaged goods and products.

Load & Stow Surveys
AAS conducts load & stow surveys to ensure that cargo is properly packed in containers to prevent damages to the contents and or the carrier.

Bulk Cargo Inspection Services
AAS provides 24/7 grains inspection services at both loading and discharging ports as follows:
1. Checking the suitability of vessels' holds and their state of readiness to receive the nominated cargo
2. Monitoring the accuracy of the un/loading process
3. Tally & weight control
4. Visual inspection of cargo for damages
5. Sampling during un/loading
6. Submission of survey report

Tallying Services
AAS provides tallying services including tally of quantity, tally of bags, sounding & measurement of volume, witness and calculation of weighing of cargo in bulk during loading and discharging into/from containers and ships' holds.

AAS cargo tally verification services provide assurance that the quantity of goods to be shipped or received are in line with the cargo documentation. Their cargo tally services also makes sure that the goods have been packed, marked and labelled accurately.


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