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Bluhull Group is an oil and gas service provider. A dedicated team of professionals and experts with over 25 years experience in various segments of the industry. Bluhull Group have a direct involvement on board drilling installations worldwide as well as onshore and offshore project management and personnel supply. The group acts as a port agent for large offshore oil and gas clientele.

Bluhull Marine Agency Ltd., a subsidiary of Bluhull Group, is an in-house Vessel Port Agency consolidating the concept of a 'One Contact, One Contact' philosophy. This allows Bluhull to offer a simple Off-Harbour call for logistical requirements including crew changes and provision of spares, supplies, bunkers and more.

Bluhull Group is structured to offer its clients One Contact to fulfill their requirements including:

Port Agents
Project Management
Human Resources
Equipment & Products

A Group Designed to Deliver Bluhull Group is geared to provide fast efficient, hands on, service to the Marine and Oilfield Business.
The Group brings a wealth of valued reputation and experience in the Industry with direct involvement on board drilling installations and marine vessels, project management and personnel management.

A team of experts and professionals striving to maintain, preserve and develop a progressive and advanced business approach. They analyze the market needs and demands.

Trained personnel motivated to respond proficiently while working to meet with the Clients' requirements. The Bluhull team is dedicated to produce and develop individual growth.

A Global Business Network

Sharing resources and develop innovative strategic plans in alliance with a global business network; Through active and constant networking Bluhull Group seeks to constantly adjust to the shifting global markets, social and technological trends ensuring it remains alert of the needs of the Industry at all times.

The mission of Bluhull Group in their own words.

The Mission of Bluhull Group is to contribute and provide an optimum service to the Oil and Gas business while cultivating and developing the potential of our proximate assets.
We operate our Business to the maximum ethical Values, where Quality, Safety and Rules of Free Competition are fully recognized and perceived, in conformity with applicable laws including international anti-corruption acts.
The Group's quality system is in place to guide us achieve, sustain and continuously strengthen our structure to complete and deliver all the projects entrusted to Bluhull Group in the most efficient and safe manner.
At Bluhull we care about our employees, stakeholders, clients and alliances and that is why we are committed to watch and measure our operating system continuously and adjust to market demands and beyond.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Bluhull Group are dedicated to carry out business with honesty, equality and transparency. This is exposed in every aspect of their business affairs. This Policy outlines the standards and behaviours that Bluhull Group upholds as a company, to ensure that the highest standards of integrity are maintained. Bluhull Group recognises that different practices apply across the world, including within the territories in which they operate and that normal practice in one place may not be acceptable in another. However, it is Bluhull Group's policy to comply with all laws, rules and regulations governing bribery and corruption in all the countries where they operate.

Quality Policy Statement

Bluhull Group is totally committed to understand and deliver a service to its client's expectations and beyond. They have established a business assurance management system that allows their company to preserve their operations quality standards and to meet with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standards. The Bluhull Quality Assurance System allows all of its employees to maximize their valued assets into a procedure which is in place to monitor, improve and succeed with:

� Ethical Business Goal
� Professional Management Structure
� Customer Focus
� Team Work
� Employee Development
� Innovation; Adjustment and Up-grade
� Internal Communication
� Health & Safety

The entire team will adhere to the spirit and intent of Bluhull's quality policy, as well as the directives of the quality assurance manual and its supporting quality system documentation. They continue to strive to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved at all times, and in all things. The Quality Policy and Quality Objective are to be reviewed annually. Health, Safety and Environment

Bluhull Group is a recognized leader in sourcing extensive service solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry which satisfy the Client's and Regulator's requirements in an effective, efficient and safe manner. The Health and Safety of it's people is the company's responsibility and commitment. They firmly believe that a good communication system is the key element to achieve their goals safely while keeping good health and a safe working environment.

Bluhull continuously work to develop optimum procedures to minimize occurrences while keeping a holistic environment by:
� Applying an accredited ISO9001:2008 Management System
� Review policies and procedures in parallel to the company growth
� Communicate the Groups Policies and Procedures with all employees
� Select the right people to undertake an assignment and compliment the team
� Provide enough resources to deliver goals efficiently
� Promote responsibility for Safety and Awareness with employees and providers
� Training staff
� Measure performance and improvements periodically
� Response to emergencies and non-conformities is swift and suitable
� Investigating unplanned events, learning lessons and taking appropriate actions
� Respect client's policies and procedures
� Comply with relevant legislation, rules and regulations
� Bluhull Group holds an in-house Vessel Port Agency to consolidate the 'One Contact, One Contract' philosophy.
� The Bluhull team provides port agency and logistical services to almost every sector in the field, from general cargo, container liner, tanker, cruise lines, naval forces, and with a special focus to the Oil & Gas sector.

Port Agency and Husbandry

Bluhull Marine Agency is the Agent for the Drilling Contractor. The company understands your operation and will deliver your demands quickly, efficiently in a cost effective and safe manner. Bluhull Marine Agency will manage all aspects of Port Agency and Husbandry Services in all Maltese Ports and Offshore. They bring a wealth of oilfield, shipping experience and well developed local relationships with port authorities, contractors and suppliers.

With the support of selected suppliers Bluhull guarantees a quick, cost effective turnaround to their principals, from a simple off-harbour call for logistical requirements; crew transfers, customs documentation, provisions, supplies, bunkers, to a full cargo operation or a shipyard rig-fit project.

� Port Agency and Husbandry
� Provision of Berth or Anchorage Area
� Port Clearance
� Permits
� Certification and Surveys
� Owners Matters

� Crew Transfers and Accommodation
� Visa and Residence Permits Management
� Medical Assistance
� 24/7 Service
� In Port and Offshore
� Supply Boat and Launch Service
� Bunkers
� Fuels, Lubes and Fresh Water
� Sludge and Dirty Ballast Removals
� Fender Hire
� STS and Offshore Ops
� Vessel Charter Services

Logistics Worldwide

Bluhull's in-depth understanding of upstream, downstream and project activities means we that they are ready to mobilize resources according to your needs. They will organize and deliver spares and equipment wherever you need them quickly and efficiently. Moreover Bluhull will look after your interest for a cost effective process while conforming to health and safety regulations. Bluhull's dedicated team supports you with a comprehensive range of solutions, from chartered or scheduled air and ocean transportation to overland logistics and final delivery.
� Freight Forwarding
� Clearance and Delivery
� Warehousing and Storage
� Specialized and OOG Cargo Movements
� Supply Chain Management
� Successes in today's business environment demands supply chain strategies that are creative, practical and realistic. Bluhull logistics leverages its experience in the Oil and Gas exploration drilling industry to develop achievable supply chain strategies linked to business goals.
� This Supply Chain Management experience puts together an advanced transportation-modelling, inventory simulation, facility storage design and business process engineering designed together to create the most efficient operating environment for your operations.

Technical Support

The Group's advantage of Sharing Resources will grant complete services to their principals. With the support of Bluhull Projects, Bluhull Resources and a strong link to a network of organizations they provide One Contact to fulfill all requirements including:
� Provision of Spares and Labour
� Maintenance and Repairs
� Dry-dock
� Diving Services
� Surveys (Class / Cargo / Quantity / Quality)
� Navigational Equipment Maintenance and Repairs
� Oil Spill Response Service
� Oil Spill Response Resources and Equipment
� 24/7 Response Unit
� On/Off Shore

Rig Move Services

Bluhull Rig Move Services provides quality Marine, Engineering and Safety Consultancy Services to the marine rig move sector. The Company is a BIMCO broker of Anchor Handlers, Tug Supply vessels (AHTS) and Platform Supply Vessels (PSV). The Group has a worldwide operation, with particular focus on the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Arabian Gulf, North Sea and the South East Asian Sea.

This division aims to be one of the leading rig move service providers, offering the highest-level service that meets and exceeds clients' expectations. The company's vast database of experienced Rig Movers brings more than 35 years of cumulative experiences and they support various phases such as:

� Location Approval
� Seabed Analysis
� Site Specific Analysis
� Site Specific Analysis
� Punch through leg endurance Analysis
� Rig Move Procedures
� Centenary Analysis
� Tow Boat Requirements
� Tow Surveys
� Rig Move Masters
� Rig Move Reports

Rig Stop Facilities

Bluhull Group is an independent service contractor with extensive business alliances selected to compliment and accomplish complete provisions required by our clients. Bluhull will identify and provide the right Rig Stop Facility; Berthing Quay, Yard Stop and Storage Facilities in the Mediterranean, North Africa and the UK.

The facilities offered are Secure Storage Facilities, monitored with CCTV cameras within an enclosed custom area, under lock and key including Gate Keepers 24/7 and is accessible 24 hours x 7 day a week. Yards have the capability and equipment to accommodate any type of vessel.

Storage Facilities and Workshop:

� Pipe Rack Storage Yard Area
� Open Storage Yard Area
� Quay Storage Area
� Quay Working Area
� Covered
� Hazardous Materials' Area
� Internal/Warehouse Storage Area
� Internal Workshop Area

Bluhull Projects will take on and manage Projects entrusted to them by their clients from start to finish, minimizing the number of additional contractor interfaces and inevitably freeing up valuable clients' time.


Bluhull coordinates and manages any Engineering Project required from start to finish and goes beyond its in-house proficiency service through an extended, respectful business expertise network to fulfill the most delicate areas of any scope of works. We provide services for the complete lifecycle of our clients� onshore and offshore upstream assets. Our services cover planning, design, infrastructure development, upgrade and rig repair � Design � Construction � Fabrication � Inspections & Surveys � Visual Inspections � SPS Surveys � Drops Surveys � Structural Surveys � Coating Inspections � Electrical Inspections Blasting, Painting and Coating Bluhull Projects offers complete Painting and Coating Solutions. We provide cutting edge techniques with an extensive range of access methods including rope access, tensioned netting and scaffolding. Bluhull Projects will manage and provide: � Surface Preparation � Manual preparation � Power tool preparation � Hydro-blasting � Abrasive blast cleaning (dry and wet) � Water washing � hot, cold and steam. � Protective Coatings � Multi-component system applications � Conventional, airless, air-assisted airless, HVLP and plural pump spray applications � Thermally sprayed aluminum coatings � Screed & self-leveling screeds for deck areas � Tank & vessel linings � Non-skid deck & helicopter-deck coating systems � Helideck tile applications
� Composite wraps and repair systems
� Turnkey Painting Projects

Bluhull will source a range of painting equipment and accessories to deliver turnkey painting projects for their clients.

Rope Access

Rope access is developing into the main stream method of personnel working at height. Bluhull provides safe, reliable and cost effective rope access solutions according specific scope of work. Their rope access teams not only provide specialists in working at height, but tradesmen and women capable of delivering a diverse range of services including;
� Inspectors
� Welders
� Fabricators
� Pipefitters
� Riggers
� Electricians
� Blaster/Painters

Bluhull Projects works within the IRATA international code of practice. This has proven to be a safe process of working at height, which in turn can save their clients valuable time and resources.


Bluhull is a local supplier of scaffold and alternative access services to onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. They play a key role in supporting major players across a variety of industrial sectors. The company�s access equipment is manufactured to internationally recognised standards for safety and reliability.

Bluhull�s appointed, qualified engineers will provide design schemes specific to each project and clientiability.gas industry. They play a key role in supporting major players across a broad spectrum. Bluhull will design safe access systems.

Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking �UWILD

Bluhull Projects offers an integrated range of underwater Inspection, Repair and Maintenance services. Their partners� experienced divers will operate from self-contained dive spreads, using surface supplied air, and all their divers are qualified in line with the International requirements, which govern the technique in the offshore commercial diving industry. The company culture a strict safety procedure, and clients may be certain, that their underwater services will be executed safely, and within a timely manner, efficiently and professionally.

Bluhull Group offers the opportunity to take on and manage Rig Stops / Project Support Services and any Engineering Project required from start to completion, minimising the number of additional contractor interfaces and inevitably freeing up valuable clients� time.

Bluhull Resources is a licensed, recruitment agency that offers the provision of Permanent Staff, Contract and Adhoc Personnel Worldwide.

Bluhull�s human resources team is competent and dedicated to discover the abilities of every individual, understand the personal goal and placing the right candidate to the right job.

Personnel Provision

Bluhull Resources offers a high level of expertise in the Human Resources Management exclusively to the Energy Industry. The company understands clients� requirements and personnel because it shaped itself in the oilfield industry. Bluhull maintain an extensive in-house multinational database of experienced personnel worldwide and all candidates are screened and interviewed through a high standard procedure in place to identify the right candidates for the right job.

Drilling and Marine Personnel

Bluhull Resources offers all levels of Offshore and Onshore experienced Drilling Crews, Marine Crews, Rotating Paint Crews as well as New Hands � Trainees/Fast Trackers � Engineers.

Multi-Trade Project Personnel

Bluhull�s people excel because their project managers guide the progress of every project and resources are trained to perform in the most difficult conditions. Their experience has taught them the true meaning of �no downtime�. By communicating regularly with clients, they affirm their satisfaction. A client would know the company listens to their concerns and respond readily to their needs.


Bluhull offers the highest quality personnel to support well management in both technical engineering and operations management. From a single engineer for a short term placement, to an entire drilling department on a long term basis, BHR provides the right people at the required time.

HR Associated Services

The Bluhull Personnel Management System is in place to deliver an optimum service to Clients. The company emphasizes it�s screening procedure to source the right candidates to the right job. In collaboration with clients and their specific requirements Bluhull Resources manages International recruitment campaigns.

Recruiting Management Service

� Recruitment campaigns management
� Advertising and response management
� Interviewing and testing
� Crewing and rotation management provided Internationally
� Ticketing management
� Visa Management
� Training Matrix monitoring and booking management
� Payroll management
� 24 hours x 7 days per week Emergency Response

Bluhull works in alliance with several unique, reputable companies which provide key element support to the Industry and it is exactly this synergy that allows them to accomplish and deliver Total Product Solutions.

Submarines & Submersibles Bluhull Group are the Agents and Representatives for SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation, California U.S.A, which is a leading designer and manufacturer of small personal submarines and manned submersibles for professionals with over 12,000 dives accumulated by its existing fleet. The company produces small personal submarines and manned submersibles with depth ratings from 150 meters to 1500 meters deep. All personal subs offered are based on the company�s patented submarine technology that provides excellent surface stability as well as superior underwater performance. These personal manned submersibles are ABS or DNV-GL classed and the subs are also approved for the Cayman flag.

These state of the art personal manned submersibles are robust, safe, and practical, holding 2 to 5 occupants, and offering excellent field of views. The submarines allow easy entry and exit from any private or commercial vessel. In surface mode, the patented flotation systems permit these private submarines to float high above the water line with a high freeboard when docked to the support vessel. When submerged, the personal submersibles are positively buoyant at all times and, should the thrusters stop, the submersibles will gently rise back to the surface. Underwater, these submarines remains horizontal at all times and do not roll or pitch. When these personal submersibles are near the surface at the end of a dive, their flotation systems are re-inflated such that the submersibles float back on the water�s surface at which point they are docked back to the support vessel or quay.

SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation has a long history producing its personal submarines and deep-sea submersibles. The company�s manned submersibles have performed thousands of dives around the world in a wide range of different sea conditions from many types of vessels, including superyachts and commercial work boats. These personal submarines and private submersibles have been used in scientific, commercial, and private superyacht industries and have also been used in National Geographic, BBC, and other numerous film projects. SEAmagine has a perfect safety record and a solid track record in reliability and practicality in both the commercial and superyacht markets.

Bluhull Group takes pride in representing and acting as Agents for SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation, offering a range of submersible models with depth ratings from 150 meters to 1000 meters. The full solution involved with these personal submarines and manned submersibles will be introduced as a new concept for the oil and gas subsea and under water inspection services. This manned solution is by far the safest manner in which Drilling Contractors and oil exploration operators can carry out deep-sea inspections and other related underwater surveys.

All of these personal submarines and manned submersibles are classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) or DNV-GL and approved by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR).

Trelleborg Marine Fender Systems

Bluhull Group, as agents for Trelleborg Marine Systems, will help you define the ideal marine fender for the structure, the best materials for the environment and the best design for long service life and low maintenance. Trelleborg Marine Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced marine fender systems. These high-performance solutions combine low reaction force and hull pressure with good angular performance and rugged construction. High performance fenders are used wherever demands are greatest: LNG and oil terminals, container quays, RoRo berths and bulk cargo facilities.

All high-performance fenders are PIANC type-approved. This means Bluhull has demonstrated the performance of full size marine fenders to independent inspectors (Germanischer Lloyd) and determined the effects of different compression speeds, temperatures, angles and fatigue. PIANC recommends that manufacturers should have type-approval certificates in accordance with PIANC guidelines, something Trelleborg Marine Systems is proud to provide its customers.


� Leg Fender
� Cylindrical Fender
� V Fender
� Roller Fender
� Pneumatic Fender
� Accessories and fixings

� Single Type Bollards
� Double Bit Bollards
� T-Head Bollards
� Kidney Bollards
� Stag Horn Bollards
� Cleats
Deep Sea Mooring

Total mooring solutions (TMS) from mooring design and engineering, rig moves, AHTS�s, PSV�s, full support equipment mobilization, deployment and recovery.

Bluhull offers a complete range of mooring products and support service including attention to comprehensive range of equipment handling, inspection and repairs programs.

Focus is given to the provision of total mooring solutions (TMS) from mooring design and engineering, rig moves, AHTS�s, PSV�s, full support equipment mobilization, deployment and recovery.
� Spooling Services
� Rental Services
� Mooring Engineering
� Chain Inspection
� Scope of Works

Down Hole Tools

Including drill tool rental, tubular rental, casing and tubing running services. Bluhull will deliver safely and efficiently. A division within Bluhull, Bluhull Well Services, supplies a wide range of provisions to the Oil and gas Industry. The service range covers drill tool rental, tubular rental, casing and tubing running services. The company aims to provide an excellent service according to the client�s demands. They deliver and source the safest and most efficient services using remote-operated technology.

� Drill pipe
� Tubing
� Jars / shock tools HW/ drill collars
� Non magnetic equipment Flex weight, Drill Collars, Stabilizers, X-Overs
� Steel Stabilizers / roller reamers
� Steel Valves / x-overs
� Fishing and abandonment tools
� Well bore clean out tools
� Hole Openers- Both Single and Two Stage Types
� Drill pipe, collars, HW drill pipe and tubing
� All related handling equipment
� Subs, valves, pup joints etc.
� Non magnetic collars, drilling jars and shock tools
� Hole openers
� Flexweight
� Stabilizers and reamers

Drilling Equipment

Bluhull is an exclusive sales representative for Discovery Drilling Equipment Ltd�. They supply a wide range of drilling equipment for offshore and onshore rigs that require replacement parts and rig fit refurbishment. They also supply and provide products with the safest, efficient delivery, supported by their own local and regional aftermarket support network.

Bluhull can provide you with the following equipment:

� Masts and Substructures � (150T up to 1000T)
� Mud systems � (up to 800 cubic meters)
� Draw-works � (300HP up to 4000HP)
� Deadline Anchors � (25000lbs up to 175000lbs)
� Travelling Blocks � (75T up to 1000T)
� Sheaves � (up to 72 inches)
� Skidding Systems � (rolling, walking, skidding)
� VFD Systems � (up to 2000KVA)
� Independent rotary drive � (up to 1150HP)
� Casing Stabbing board � (25 � 40 feet adjustable range)
� BOP Handling Systems � (up to 150 tons)
� Top Drives (1050HP)

All Equipment is API certified (API monogram), ISO certified and as required with regional certifications such as CE and Atex.

The Human Asset is the World�s strongest asset. At Bluhull Resources we work to maximize the potential of each individual and to develop further on the personal qualities, qualifications and experience.

With Bluhull Resources You will experience the comfort and back-up to your benefits


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