Credit Europe Bank N.V. - Branch Malta

143/2, Tower Road,   Sliema   SLM 1604
(+356) 2260 2100
(+356) 2260 2190
Credit Europe Bank N.V. is headquartered in the Netherlands and operates 150 branches, 765 ATMs, 20,868 sales points and more than 24,000 point of sale terminals. The bank has about 4,500 employees in 11 countries. More than 4.0 million customers around the world entrust their financial affairs to Credit Europe Bank.
The Bank offers its corporate customers a wide range of banking products, including international trade and commodity finance, project finance and working capital loans. Represented in key trading hubs such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Arad Emirates, as well as in raw material exporting and importing countries including, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine, Credit Europe Bank is well positioned to finance its customerís transaction flows across the globe.

Credit Europe Bank offers simple, transparent and competitive products to its clients. Accordingly, when developing a new product the Bank ensures that it is easy to understand, easy to compare, easy to manage and should provide a fair deal and value for its customers.

To the Bankís retail and SME customers they offer non-complex and transparent products in seven Western and Eastern European countries: Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Malta, Ukraine, Romania and Russia. More information can be found on the Bankís corporate website:

Credit Europe Bank N.V. - Branch Malta
143/2, Tower Road
Sliema SLM 1604

Tel.:  +356 22 60 21 00
Fax.: +356 22 60 21 90



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