Who's Who

Malta is rich in history, especially Maritime history, and it is also rich in maritime events. However, none of this would have been possible without the efforts and successes of those who dedicated their time and energy to enrich Malta’s maritime story.

Some of these people were/are great sportsman who help place Malta on the world’s marine sports map. Great regattas have been organised and seriously competed by both locals and foreign visitors.

Others are those officials and event organizers without whom nothing would have been possible. Many times these people worked behind the scenes and few are those members of the public who would acknowledge, or in fact would know about, the efforts and hard work these people would put in any event to ensure its success.

Still others make their mark through their business ability, bringing work and investment to Malta and employing people in the Maritime sector.

Then there are those others who specialize in things like the arts, or sciences, or study all their lives to conserve or to give pleasure to others. These people too merit recognition.

Some persons would fit into more than one category of the above, like the keen yachtsman who runs a yachting company.

In the website, we intend to publish profiles of those who contributed towards our national maritime success, so that their efforts and achievements will be visible and maybe can also act as an inspiration to others.

We are always open to suggestions, especially where people who should be in this “who’s who” directory are concerned, so if any reader thinks that a particular person should be in this directory, please fill in the form below and send it to us. Our board will examine all suggested person/s. An asterisk * denotes a mandatory field.

Aaron Ciantar P1 World Champion
Craig Farrugia Vella Sailor
Dr. Adriana Vella, Ph.D (Cambridge) Conservation Biologist
Dr. Alan Deidun University Lecturer and Marine Biologist
Francesca Vincenti Sailor
Joseph Schembri (Bahhar) Circumnavigator
Jovin Rausi Sports Official
Mario Aquilina Sailor
Peter Valentino Sailor, Sport Official and International Judge
Roland Darmanin Kissaun As a yachting entrepreneur
Wilfred Sultana Journalist, Publisher and Events Organiser