Wilfred Sultana
Journalist, Publisher and Events Organiser

WILFRED SULTANA of Maltese nationality is a well known personality enjoying both local and foreign esteemed recognition.

Wilfred SultanaEnjoying an illustrious career with a forty six years span he is well known to promote and be involved in the organisation of a variety of high profile events, the like of the Malta-Pozzallo Windsurf Race, the ‘off-road’ Camel Rally Malta, the Malta-Tunisia Yachting Rally, Faces of Africa Art Exhibition and World Ranking snooker tournaments.   He is the founder editor and publisher of ‘Yachting in Malta’, a Directory to the services and facilities Malta offers, in the yachting industry, first published in 1976. The 11th Edition (2015-2016) was published in 2015.

WILFRED Sultana, chosen Malta’s Sports Official of the Year in 1986, is the author of several editorials on Malta’s potential as a yachting haven which were featured in noteworthy international publications. These include ‘The Super Yacht Ports & Marinas Guide’, ‘The Mediterranean Yachts Planners Guide’, ‘Mediterranean Yachting’, ‘Boat International’, ‘Mediterranean Yachting & Cruising’ and ‘The International Yacht Planners Guide’. He is a well versed freelance journalist with frequent editorials in the Maltese media re the yachting industry and sailing in general.  

WILFRED SULTANA is the founder editor and publisher of ‘Yachting in Malta’, a Directory to the yachting industry services and facilities Malta offers, first published in 1976. The 11th Edition (2015-2016) is currently in circulation.

IN 1994 Sultana was Co-Coordinator of the Malta International Boat Show organized then by the Yacht Traders Association.

IN 2003 he was invited by the Tunisian National Tourism Office to visit the various yachting facilities in Tunisia following which a general perception of the Tunisian yachting industry was outlined in a report entitled ‘Tunisia – Land of Contrasts’. 

IN May 2007 Wilfred Sultana took the initiative to set-up The Yachting Services Trade Section (YSTS), to operate under the Leisure and Tourism Economic Group of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, with the aim of representing the interests of all those businesses operating within the yachting industry.

IN the summer of 2008 he was commissioned to produce and publish for the City Council of Pozzallo in Sicily a publication entitled ‘Pozzallo For The Yachtsmen’.

IN 2009, 2011 and in 2013, Wilfred Sultana, as Editor-Publisher of the maritime Directory Yachting in Malta (YIM), hosted three Superyacht Industry Seminars in association with Transport Malta and the International Superyacht Society (ISS). With their involvement in these seminars ISS not only provided speakers of standing but also gave Malta a prestigious global exposure through their commendable marketing network.

ANOTHER exciting Event hosted by Wilfred’s Yachting in Malta was the Malta Maritime Careers Day in 2014 where the Maltese Organiser secured the relevant involvement of ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations), IMO (International Maritime Law Institute), and SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers).

WILFRED and YIM were also behind the organisation of a Pre-Election (2013) Forum where the main three political parties presented their perspectives and projections for the coming years with regards to the Yachting Industry in Malta.

WILFRED Sultana is also involved in sports-tourism journalism, public relations as well as launch and promotion events.

In 1996 Wilfred Sultana was struck by a mysterious neurological disorder which, in fact, has remained a mystery to this day.

Wilfred Sultana

█ Times of Malta, Thursday 23rd December 1965

In the age of Pele, Denis Law, Jimmy Graves and many other brilliant footballers, the professional status is unfortunately sometimes declared to be the be all and end of all of the footballer’s career.

Wilfred Sultana
Budding Footballers At College: (L. to R.)
Ronnie Saliba, Charles Miceli, Louis Arpa and Wilfred Sultana.

It is very gratifying to know, however, that there are a host of footballers who are keener on doing justice to the game than on money for money’s sake.  This obviously starts in the school where budding footballers are not lacking.  Stella Maris College is no exception.

The above pictured footballers, three of whom are under the age of seventeen, have been attending this College for quite a number of years.  They hail from Floriana, Gzira and Valletta – places which have behind them a deep-rooted tradition of football that goes back to the early years of the game in Malta.

On the football pitch they play intelligent football delightful to watch.  Thus Louis Arpa is a dribbler and with Ronnie Saliba besides him, can penetrate any solid defence.  Whereas the former is very refined, the latter is a very forceful attacker.  Charles Miceli, who has played several times for the Valletta Under-21 and First Division Reserves, is better in defence than in the forward line.  Very well built, he possesses a hard shot and a very difficult to beat him.  Wilfred Sultana is a quieter sort of player but in the half-back line he is a dominating figure.

Their qualities as footballers have been acclaimed and made use of by several people.  Together they form the backbone of the defence and the spearhead of thee forward line of the College First XI.  A couple of years ago they were chosen for the N.S.B Schoolboys Tournament and now they are automatic choices for the N.S.B. Eleven.

Under the expert guidance of three qualified coaches we cannot doubt that they will have a brilliant soccer career ahead of them.

█ MALTA NEWS – Saturday, March 18, 1967

A party of 22 schoolboys from whom Malta’s team to compete in the International Schoolboys Tournament to be held on March 30, 31 and April 1 will be chosen, have been named.  They are:-

Wilfred Sultana
Malta Schoolboys Internationals line-up against Spain in the 1967 tournament which also included Belgium and France. (Wilfred first right standing).

M. Caruana, A. Mifsud, A. Cassar, W. Vassallo, A. Meli, S. Vella, C. Aquilina, J. Sargent, F. Mifsud, F. Falzon, W. Sultana, D. Zarb Mizzi, J. Sultana, E. Grech, N. Mallia, A. Sant, J. Cauchi, R. Saliba, C. Pisani, A. Brimmer, V. Zammit and L. Arpa.

The boys represent nine schools, Technical Institutes, Lyceum, St. Joseph Sec. Tech., De La Salle, St. Albert, St. Patrick’s, Stella Maris, Seminary and G.I.T.C.

Two games will be played on each day, the first one starting at 2.15 p.m. and the second kicking off at 3.30 p.m.

All the games of the tournament will be played at The Stadium.

The boys are training under Louis Borg and John Calleja at the Manoel Island Ground.

Four teams – Malta, Spain, France and Belgium – took part in this Tournament. Spain were the winners with Malta gaining second place followed by Belgium and France in third and fourth places respectively.

A typical Malta team line-up during this tournament was: Brimmer (Pisani), Zammit, Sultana, Falzon, Caruana, Mifsud, Saliba (Cauchi), Vassallo, Sant, Arpa, Camilleri.

█ The Times, January 27, 1986

Wilfred Sultana - International School Boys TournamentThe Italian Windsurf Open Class Association (AIWOC) has nominated Wilfred Sultana, the current sports official of the year, member of the organising committee of the V Giro D’Italia Di Tavole a Vela (Windsurfing Tour of Italy) scheduled for July. 

Sultana will be assigned to the international press office which also includes Gian Franco di Laurentis (RAI-TV), Andrea Girelli (Corriere Dello Sport-Stadio), Hartie Loffler (Germany), K.P. Pozdnik (Austria) and Renald Cedolin (France).  It is expected that the presence of a Maltese on the orgainising committee will make possible the participation of local surfers in this event. 

Photo shows Wilfred Sultana with Mr. Vince Farrugia, Chief Executive of the National Tourism Organisation at last Thursday’s reception hosted by Minister of Tourism, Mr. Joe Grima, in honour of Paul Mifsud, World amateur snooker champion and Sportsman of the Year, and Wilfred Sultana for their contribution to sports in Malta.


█ 1987 – The Camel Wishbone Windsurfing Championships The Times Supplement


The Camel Wishbone Championships have been for their organiser, Wilfred Sultana, the ideal stepping stone towards any local sports organiser’s ultimate dream – the national sports official of the year award.  This he won last year with an overwhelming vote over a quoted field of sports organisers and officials.

Wilfred Sultana
When Wilfred was chosen Malta’s Sports Official of the Year in 1986,
the sport of windsurfing was really ‘riding the waves’.
Here he is with Francesca Vincenti, Jovin Rausi, David Caruana and Peter Bonello

The Camel Wishbone Championships are a continuation of a sailing tradition which the 37-year old organiser started in the early seventies.

His first connection with the sport was as a publisher which brought about two well received publications namely “Spinnaker” (1975-1979), a popular journal timed to coincide with the Middle Sea Race and “Yachting in Malta” (1976-1980), a complete guide book for visiting yachtsmen to Malta’s yachting facilities.

1980 saw the launch of “Wishbone”, the first ever magazine of its kind meant to record the ever increasing windsurfing activities in Malta.  Encouraged by its immediate success Wilfred ventured into the promotional side of the sport and with the technical support of the Ghadira Sailing Club the 1st Wishbone Open Class Boardsailing Championships (October 1981) were born.  These eventually went on to become recognised as Malta’s major windsurfing competition, a status which today is further strengthened with the event’s association with a leading world sports sponsor – CAMEL Filters.

The past six years brought about a whole string of Wilfred’s windsurfing activities – The Boardsailor of the Year Awards, the International Sicily-Malta Windsurf Race, the participation of Maltese surfers in overseas competitions (Giro D”Italia Di Windsurf and the Europa-Africa Windsurf Race), the mounting of photographic/equipment exhibitions, the producing of specialised TV productions and the organisation of various press gatherings and symposiums.

He was also responsible for a number of articles on Malta’s potential as a yachting centre which were published in renowned magazines such as “Windsurfer” (UK), “Vele Volanti” (Italy), “Charter” (Germany) and “Yachting” (Switzerland).



Wilfred Sultana

On September 16th (1992), Mr. Tony Cassar, Managing Director of Lowenbrau Malta Ltd accompanied by the Marketing Manager Mr. Wilfred Sultana, travelled to London  to receive a prestigious award. 

Wilfred Sultana
Wilfred greeting Prime Minister Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami when visiting the Lowenbrau brewery in Qormi (1993)

For the Lowenbrau factory in Qormi, opened barely three months earlier, had been named 1992 International Plant of the Year by the food and beverage manufacturers’ magazine Food Engineering International.

The presentation was made at the Ritz Hotel by Ms. Maureen Byrne, the magazine’s European Editor, and was attended by a host of personalities, including Malta’s High Commissioner in London, Mr. Salv. Stellini, Air Malta’s London manager, Mr. Joe Capello, Mr. Jeffrey Cutajar, director of the London office of the National Tourism Organisation of Malta and Mr. Bruce Stevens, Editor of Brewing and Distilling International.

█ FIRST Magazine, 2004

As a Hospice patient Wilfred, in wheelchair than, is taken with other patients on a visit to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in France.

From daydreams to nightmares …

In 1996 Wilfred Sultana was struck by a mysterious illness which, in fact, has remained a mystery to this day. Here he shares his story of slow recovery and survival

The greatest moment of life is birth. The arrival of a new member to a family is usually the happiest experience for any couple and their families. I have shared that overwhelming feeling at the birth of my three children and years back I too must have been the source of such a gratifying moment for my parents. Birth represents a new beginning and with it comes hopes and expectations that the positive emotions generated by the arrival of a healthy newborn will be sustained throughout the child’s unfolding life. However as we all know, life does not always meet our expectations.

Birth, irrespective of its outcome, is but the gateway to a challenge; a challenge to survive and overcome the odds which, with varying degrees of hardship, lie in one’s path. For some the challenge lies in overcoming emotional hardships; for others it lies in matters of health; even others have to deal with both emotional and physical challenges. It’s all too easy to say one has it harder than the other, but realistically I feel the strength to living with any hardship, both great and small, is in one’s philosophy on life: is the cup half empty or half full?

The full story……..


█ MALTA TODAY - 28th October 2001 

Wilfred Sultana - still determined to make a comeback

With snooker player John Parrott when in Malta to participate in the European Open (1996), a ranking tournament eventually won by Parrott himself.

The past five years have been a nightmare for sport enthusiast Wilfred Sultana. Visits to leading hospitals in London, New York and Paris have still failed to make a clear diagnosis for his unknown illness. But he tells RAY ABDILLA that he is still confident of bouncing back.

How did you get involved in sport?
Sport was probably the major pastime to people of my age in our childhood and even our youth. There were no video games or computers, black-and-white television was an amazing novelty‚ and was not widely available in Maltese households, and definitely the style of upbringing was completely different.

As a young boy what sports did you like most and what was your first experience in sport?
Like most kids, primarily football. But I was always an active student, getting involved in school activities, mainly football, table tennis and drama. I was chosen to form part of the Malta Schoolboys International football team, which participated in the FISEC Tournament. I played left-back against Spain, Belgium and France alongside Louis Arpa, Joe Serge, Frankie Falzon, Charles Miceli, and Ronnie Saliba.

Our coaches at the time (if I recall correctly) were Johnny Calleja, Louis Borg and the late Joe Griffiths. In 1964 I won the table tennis Pre-YCW Malta Championship. In 1972 I won the National Children Drama Festival, organised by the FSOBIANS, with a play I wrote and directed entitled Il Pispirellu. I always enjoyed being active and getting involved in anything challenging.

Sailing was one of your favourite pastimes. Do you still follow the sport?
My association with yachting started when in 1966/67 I got my first job on leaving school as a clerk typist in the general service. Seconded to the Malta Government Tourist Board I was assigned to the newly established yachting centre section. This was my first connection with the yachting environment. Gradually I became involved in yachting/sailing activities through direct connection with yachtsmen, the yacht club, and the yachting business community.

The lack of available printed material on yachting at the time triggered me to venture into publishing yachting/sailing magazines following an encouraging new‚experience I had had with the publishing of football publications in the early seventies.

Today my only connection with yachting is when friends invite me to join them on their boats on day trips.

With Peppi Azzopardi of TV talk show Xarabank during a programme related to medicine and rare diseases.

How did your work with the press and media evolve?
My association with the press started as a result of the publications I used to issue. On publishing a magazine I used to prepare a press handout which I used to deliver personally to all the media. From the very start of my involvement with the press I always believed in maintaining a personal direct relationship. Gradually I developed an inclination towards press reporting and public relations while I managed to build up a sound working relationship with the press.

My first publication came about as a follow-up to another activity I got involved in. In 1970 a friend of mine was organising a competition, forecasting results and winners, on the occasion of the Mexico World Cup. He asked me to type the details on a large sheet. While preparing this material I thought of the possibility of securing a small advert or two in order to have the information printed nicely on four-page leaflet instead of a typed A-4 sheet. The 4-page leaflet materialised into a 24-page magazine entitled The Way To The Finals‚ and eventually into my first ever publication.

In the early eighties I was asked to be PR officer to an international windsurfing (Ten Cat) event held in Malta. This was the beginning of a long and happy association with the sport of windsurfing. As a follow-up to this experience I published a local windsurfing magazine Wishbone and eventually retained the same name when I decided to organise my own event. This led to the Wishbone International Championships, the International Malta-Sicily Windsurf Race, the Comino Regatta, and many others. In those years I established sound relationship with an Italian windsurfing organisation, which led to Maltese boardsailors being invited to participate in the highly popular Windsurfing Tour of Italy (or as it was known, the Giro d’Italia di Windsurf).

By nature I am a positive and optimistic person and I tend to enjoy all that I am doing as I always look at the bright side of things. When faced with gloomy situations I try to be realistic; I try to rectify the situation or, just as in the case of my illness, I try to make the best of circumstances.

Is there any particular sporting event that you will never forget and which international activities have you most enjoyed?
I think probably the Malta-Sicily Windsurf Race. From a modest two-man experimenting crossing in 1982, this developed into a world-known multi-national keenly contested event, which became acknowledged as "the longest single-stage windsurf race (93KM) in the world". One particular edition was that of 1989 which was contested by 10 competitors hailing from 10 different countries. The winner of this edition was Bruce Kendall (New Zealand) who, prior to his participation and triumph in the Malta event, had attained the highest possible sports recognition - a Gold Medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.

This event also presented me with two other significant satisfactions. One was the strong and sound relationship that prevailed amongst the organising committee, which saw us through all 10 events with almost all the same members. Secondly, the enthusiastic backing extended by Maltese yachtsmen who made up the event’s supporting fleet.

One other particular instant I vividly remember was watching snooker’s "Whirlwind" Stephen Hendry potting a maximum tournament break of 147 at the final of the 2001 Rothmans Grand Prix. This was the eighth of his career and the first ever registered in Malta’s long snooker history. I consider my involvement in the organisation of professional snooker, which Joe Zammit and Richard Balani introduced me to in 1994, as a thrilling experience.

Which international sporting activities do you enjoy most?
Quite a lot, but mainly football.

In your opinion who was the best local sportsman/sportswoman of all time?
It is most difficult to make such a judgement when one is comparing personalities of different disciplines and of different times. Conditions and facilities are constantly improving; a factor which is making higher standards more attainable.

What do you think about the standard of sport in Malta?
Sports have become a wealth of competitive activity where big money is involved. An industry, I would say, where money talks and money dictates. Most of our athletes practise sports as a hobby or on part-time basis, and such an approach and the limitation of funds undoubtedly restrict their evolution in the matter. A position development on the local sports scenario is the increasing number of promising young Maltese sportsmen who are plucking up courage and trying their fortune abroad.

Do you think that sports people are treated well in Malta?
Here again one has to look at the whole scenario; commitment, facilities, finances, opportunities and proficient management. This is Malta and one has to keep one’s expectations within the limitations of our resources. It is a question of finding a balance between commitment, expectations and available opportunities and finances.

Unfortunately some time ago you fell ill. How did you feel then and how are you feeling now?
Admittedly, the past five years have been a nightmare for me and my family. Despite five visits to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, DNA tests carried out at Sloan-Ketterling Cancer Center, New York and at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, and even tests at a Hospital for Nuclear Medicine, no clear diagnosis has so far been made of my illness.

The tests have included a brain biopsy and seven CSF (lumbar puncture) tests. The most difficult aspects to deal with have been the exhausting illness anxiety and the winding up of all my activities, both business and social, and being constrained to retire from active public life. However, in these difficult moments I was never left to feel lonely. Support and encouragement came from various quarters - my family, the medical team responsible for my case, a good number of friends and the Hospice Movement. This was really helpful and undoubtedly contributed to keeping a positive frame of mind.

There were moments when I was really low, when I couldn’t care less whether I lived or I died. I would ask myself, why me? When my condition began to improve and, thanks to the Hospice Movement, I began to attend hydrotherapy sessions at the Park of Friendship swimming pool, I realised I was asking myself the wrong question.

Making regular use of the pool were infants, teenagers, and people in their prime age whose sufferings in some cases were far worse than mine. Here I realised that a more fitting question would be ‘Why not me?’

Life is beautiful, but it can be cruel. No one is immune to severe illnesses, which apart from the health grief, bring about other hardships including ones of a psychological and economic nature. Such a drastic change of lifestyle unfortunately negatively affects the whole family. One positive aspect is that Maltese society in general is very conscious of the hardships brought about by health problems and there exists a strong sentiment of solidarity in this regard.

Today I feel there has been some improvement in my condition yet the ambiguity of my illness keeps me on edge as to what’s happening next and whether progress is going to continue, stop or fall behind.

I have faith that active life is not yet over for me. I miss it and I long to be back

█ The Malta Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise - Yachting Services Trade Section NEWS – July 2007

Malta is a maritime centre and although we have advanced in our shipping sector, the yachting sector remains far from exploited.

Wilfred Sultana
Wilfred at the Press Conference at the launch of the Yachting Services Trade Section with (l. to r.) Jovin Rausi, Section member, Chamber President Victor Galea, and John A. Huber Secretary of Section.

With the latter idea in mind and supported by the majority of members in this sector we came to the unanimous decision that the interests of the industry could not be better represented other than within the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise. Following discussions with the Chamber’s highest officials the concept of having a Trade Section wholly focused on Yachting Services was generated and ultimately enthusiastically responded too by the industry which eventually led to the formation of this Trade Section to operate under the Leisure and Tourism Economic Group of the Chamber. The protagonists in the yachting sector and the large number of others that enjoy the spill-over effect need objectivity and the need to have their business promoted and protected.

Maybe this Trade Section is not the instant solution but we can at least state that the splintered composition stops here and there is now a body within a major institution on the island where the industry’s commercial interests can be heard. It is our objective that we develop this Section into a consultative body for Government. We would like to exploit the potential of the yachting industry as a valuable economic factor in Malta.

Tourism, banking, importers, legal services, insurance and financial services all have a contribution to give as their line of business mingle directly or indirectly with the yachting industry. This Trade Section has an uphill task; there is a need to strengthen the awareness of the industry’s economic value and potential, a need to possibly draw up a code of ethics, a need to outline to Government that it is useless that we talk of yachting when there seems to be no plan for investment in the infrastructure.

We have overwhelming problems with the availability of pontoons and of hard-standing facilities. Government is also a stakeholder in the business and it therefore has vested interests to ensure the success of the industry.

I am most confident that the formation of this new Section within the Chamber was a sensible step which should give this precious ‘jewel in the crown’ of an industry, a strong influence and the right bearing on its course to success.

Finally on behalf of the Committee and members I would like to thank Chamber President Mr. Victor Galea, and all other Chamber Officers and Council members for their wholehearted welcome and support to our initiative.

Yachting Services Trade Section - First Executive Committee (2007)
Chairman: Mr. Wilfred Sultana - Vice Chairman: Mr. Roland Darmanin Kissaun - Hon. Secretary: Mr. John A. Huber - Members: Mr. Jovin Rausi and Mr. Mark Vassallo

* The Malta Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise is now known as the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

█ News Release – 6th February 2008

Chamber’s Yachting Services Trade Section meets Prime Minister

A delegation from the Yachting Services Trade Section led by Chairman Wilfred Sultana recently met the Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr Lawrence Gonzi at his office in Auberge de Castille. The PM was accompanied by the Minister for Competitiveness and Communications, the Hon. Ċensu Galea.

The delegation included Hon. Secretary John A. Huber and Executive Committee Members Mr Pierre Balzan and Mr Mark Vassallo. They were accompanied by the Chamber’s Senior Executive – PR, Policy & Planning, Mr. Reuben Sciberras.

Mr. Sultana introduced the delegation after which Mr Huber presented a Memorandum which the YSTS compiled for political parties with suggestions and proposals to be included in the electoral programmes for the upcoming general elections next month.

Mr Huber highlighted three main areas of action, namely the need for more berthing, the need for more hard-standing facilities, and the issue of privatisation of MMA marinas.

The Prime Minister welcomed the suggestions and said that the Chamber’s Yachting Services Trade Section and government are on the same wavelength in so far as the need to continue highlighting the importance of this sector as part of the Maltese economy. He said that the authorities recognised the priorities mentioned by the YSTS and that the new legislature should see further action on this front.

█ News Release – 29th November 2007

Yachting Services Trade Section meets Opposition Leader

On Tuesday 27th November, a delegation from the Yachting Services Trade Section led by Chairman Wilfred Sultana was welcomed at the Ċentru Nazzjonali Laburista in Ħamrun by Malta Labour Party Leader, the Hon. Dr Alfred Sant.

The delegation included Hon. Secretary John A. Huber and Executive Committee Member Mr Mark Vassallo. They were accompanied by the Chamber’s Senior Executive – PR, Policy & Planning, Mr Reuben Sciberras.

During the meeting the YSTS presented a Memorandum which it has compiled for political parties with suggestions and proposals to be included in the electoral programmes for the upcoming general elections in 2008.

The delegation highlighted three main areas of action, namely the need for more berthing, the need for more hard-standing facilities, and the issue of privatisation of MMA marinas.

Dr Sant welcomed the suggestions and said that the MLP recognises the importance of this sector as part of the Maltese economy. He said that they will be consulting with the Chamber’s Yachting Services Trade Section when discussing issues pertaining to this industry.

█ THE TIMES BUSINESS – Thursday February 12th, 2009

Superyacht Industry Seminar

The Superyacht Industry: a Challenge – A0n Opportunity’ will be the theme of a seminar to be held in the last week of April.  This seminar is being organised by Wilfred Sultana & Associates publishers of ‘Yachting in Malta, the Directory to Malta’s yachting services and facilities which was first published in 1976.

Originally this seminar had to be held last October as part of the launch programme of the 8th Edition of the publication but had to be postponed due to uncontainable circumstances. While the original seminar was going to discuss ‘Jobs in the Superyachts Industry’, the topic has now been widen to focus on the whole industry. However, the ‘Jobs’ opportunities still form part of the matters to be presented.

The International Superyacht Society based in Florida USA and the Flagship Superyacht Academy operating from Portsmouth in the United Kingdom have both maintained their original support and will be nominating speakers for the occasion.

The International Superyacht Society, founded in 1989, is the sole organization serving and representing the large yacht industry worldwide. Society members are individuals and companies who have been recognized for their leadership and dedication in raising the standards of design construction, maintenance, repair and operation of large yachts.

The Flagship Superyacht Academy is part of the Flagship Group which was established in 1996 when a ground breaking association arrangement was signed with the Royal Navy to market the spare capacity in their training facilities and programmes.  It has unique access to the Navy’s extensive training facilities which enables them to provide a comprehensive training portfolio for superyacht crew.

““This will be the first ever seminar of its kind in Malta and is bound to generate interest both amongst the local yachting trade and also in the higher education sector’, remarked Wilfred Sultana, publisher of ‘Yachting In Malta’ and mentor behind this initiative.

█ Press ReleaseFor Immediate Release - 26 February 2009


Vanessa Stuart, International Superyacht Society
954.525.6625, info@superyachtsociety.org

Amy Halsted, The Halsted Agency
540.966.5599, seagourmet@toad.net

Wilfred Sultana, Sultana & Associates
(+356) 2131 4956, Wilfred.sultana@anatlus.com

ISS, Flagship Superyacht Academy & Wilfred Sultana Present “The Superyacht Industry: A Challenge-An Opportunity” in Malta, in April

26 February 2009, Fort Lauderdale, FL: The ISS (International Superyacht Society) has today announced that in conjunction with Wilfred Sultana & Associates (publishers of Yachting in Malta) and the Flagship Superyacht Academy (FSYA), the organizations are presenting a well-timed seminar entitled, “The Superyacht Industry: A Challenge-An Opportunity”. Consisting of three critical subjects, the keynote event will take place on 30 April 2009 beginning at 2:00 pm and will run into the early evening. It is being held at the legendary Mediterranean Conference Centre, a restored 16th century building that was once the Holy Infirmary (Hospital) of the Order of the Knights of St. John (please visit www.mcc.com.mt for more information), Valletta, Malta. The Excelsior Grand Hotel, Valletta, is the seminar’s official hotel. Additional speakers will discuss subjects including the legal aspects of the superyacht industry and what Malta has to offer.

“This is the first ever seminar of its kind in Malta and is bound to generate interest both among the local yachting trade and also in the higher education sector,” said Mr Sultana, the event’s organizer and emcee. “We are pleased to be able to feature such a distinguished group of speakers,” he continues.

Two ISS board directors—ISS Past President, Doug Sharp and AJ Anderson—will be joined by Sir Tim McClement of FYSA in presenting three issues of critical importance to the large yacht industry.

Wilfred Sultana - Malta Sicily Windsurf Race

Jeff Poulton, Roland Darmanin Kissaun togther with Jovin Rausi, Victor Calleja and Frank Galea were ever present on the Malta-Sicily Race Committee, an event which following the 1992 successful crossing became an exciting international race held for ten years (1994-2004) from the Sicilian port of Pozzallo.

Malta’s President Agata Barbara joined the windsurf race contingent for the 1984 race and also gave the start of the event. Here seen with Wilfred and Maltese windsurfers Peter Bonello and Jean Paul Fleri Soler who paid her a courtesy visit to thank her for her moral support.

The 1989 edition was contested by ten surfers hailing from ten different countries – Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Great Britain, Malta and New Zealand.  The winner was Bruce Kendal (New Zealand), a gold medallist at the Seoul Olympic Games of 1988. The record time of the Pozzallo Race was 5hrs 56mins 35sec established by Malta’s Jean Paul Fleri Soler in the 1984 edition.

The 1998 edition of the Pozzallo Race incorporated a Seminar involving the Chambers of Commerce of Malta and Ragusa which was attended by the President of the Region of Ragusa, Dott. Giuseppe Sammuti who also paid a visit on Dr. Lawrence Gonzi, then Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Yacht Rockline, skippered by Philip Attard was the boat used on the first Sicily (Porto Palo)- - Malta Windsurf Crossing


Fact File: Wilfred Sultana

Born in: Gzira – 7th January 1949

Did all his studies from his primary to secondary schooling at: Stella Maris College.

Work File:
- On leaving school joined the Civil Service/seconded Malta Government Tourist Board 1966/67
- Joined Charles Grech & Co. as marketing manager: 1985 - 1991
- Moved to Marsovin/Lowenbrau as marketing manager: March 1992 - November 1993
- Worked for a few months with Yacht Traders Association as Boat Show Coordinator
- Set up own PR & Marketing company: Wilfred Sultana & Associates: March 1994
- Constrained to stop working because of sickness: 1997

Wilfred Sultana
enjoying a family holiday at Club Med 1988

Favourite Food: Italian and Chinese cuisine.

Favourite drink: (pre-illness) vodka, champagne and red wine. In present condition can have a pint of Irish Ale without any repercussions. And “I must admit I love it”, say Wilfred. Other alcoholic drinks can have a negative effect on himI

Favourite country visited: No particular favourite. Each and every country has its own characteristic places of interest, history, culture and traditions. Instead of comparing destinations Wilfred prefers to enjoy each and everyone for what it has to offer

Married to: Freda nee Farrugia and they have three children Rueben, Ramon and Christabel.

Aaron Ciantar P1 World Champion
Craig Farrugia Vella Sailor
Dr. Adriana Vella, Ph.D (Cambridge) Conservation Biologist
Dr. Alan Deidun University Lecturer and Marine Biologist
Francesca Vincenti Sailor
Joseph Schembri (Bahhar) Circumnavigator
Jovin Rausi Sports Official
Mario Aquilina Sailor
Peter Valentino Sailor, Sport Official and International Judge
Roland Darmanin Kissaun As a yachting entrepreneur
Wilfred Sultana Journalist, Publisher and Events Organiser