Aaron Ciantar
P1 World Champion

Aaron Ciantar
Aaron aged 7 on his Holy Communion Day
Aaron Ciantar
Aaron with wife Susanne and their pretty 5-year-old (2009) princess Hailey. 
Aaron Ciantar
The first taste of P1 at the 2004 Championship, Aaron with Audrienne. 
Aaron Ciantar
Aaron at the wheel of his Escort Coswoth at a drag racing event. 
Aaron Ciantar
Proud to be Maltese - Aaron with Audrienne.  
Aaron Ciantar
Aaron with Audrienne in the 2005 P1 with the first Chaudron built boat on the circle.
Aaron Ciantar
Aaron with Audrienne in the 2005 P1 with the first Chaudron built boat on the circle.
Aaron Ciantar
The Proud Ones - Italian Angelo Tedeschi, Ukrainian Viktor Shemchuk and Aaron being declared P1 World  Champions in 2009. 
Aaron Ciantar
Ukrainian Spirit, a world winner, the fourth Chaudron boat in P1 from 2004. 
Aaron Ciantar
2009 The Golden Boy leaps for joy on the podium celebrating two consecutive world champion titles, as a driver, and the third consecutive world title as a boat-builder. 
Aaron Ciantar
Charles and Anna with Aaron, daughters Charlotte and Audrienne, in-laws and grandchildren in Syracuse to attend and celebrate Aaron’s and Chaudron’s 2009 Championship victory. 

Speed is his password.  Speed is his style.  Speed is his ambition. Speed is his life.

No, the opening citations are not meant to introduce the famous character of the animated cartoon movies Speedy Gonzales but a famous personality on the international powerboat racing circuit. His name is Aaron Ciantar, 29-years-old at time of writing (2009) this profile, but made headlines only six racing seasons ago when in 2004 he featured for the first time on the Powerboat P1 UIM World Championship.

Aaron, born (3rd March 1980) in Marsa, is the youngest son of Charles and Anna Ciantar who are also graced with two gorgeous daughters, Charlotte and Audrienne.  Aaron grew up hearing of, touching and seeing but one particular profession – boat building – most natural for a boy who was always in his father’s companionship. Charles started his boat-building exciting activity in 1988.

In that same year, Aaron only eight years old experienced his first boat handling trail. Although the first pleasure boats of Chaudron trademark were of modest pace Aaron became obsessed with speed which definitely became predominant in his ‘blood stream’.  Speed characterised his sea trails and boat racing as well as his only other pleasant pastime drag racing.

In fact Aaron who has two cars – an Escort Coswoth and a Ford Escort Mk1- has been taking part in Drag Racing since 1998 where in the first three seasons he won some 15 trophies per year.

This great passion for boats and speed was instrumental in making his participation in the Powerboat P1 World Championship – Grand Prix of Malta 2004 – a natural occurrence.

In 2005, Aaron had his first taste of P1 victory when in a Chaudron boat crewed together with his sister Audrien they won third place in the SuperSport Championship. 

However four years had to pass from Aaron’s first P1 experience till that rewarding moment of triumph in September 2008 when he was crowned Supersport Championship World Champion – four years of hard work and commitment both as a driver and as a boat-builder.

Aaron is married to Susanne and they have a pretty 5-year-old princess by the name of Hailey who already loves the sea and boats…she is always supporting her daddy wherever he races with his P1 schedule.

Jean-Marie Van Lancker, Administrator in the UIM Council, President of the UIM Pleasure Navigation Commission and P1 representative remarked – “When I met Aaron and his sister Audrienne the first time during the first race in Malta, they were a little bit on their own. The father was the Boss and the whole family was always (like today) together. You could feel that the winning spirit and the passion were already there. They were always very friendly and helpful to others. In all these years when somebody of the teams or the organisation visit Malta and the Ciantar family know of their coming than they are at the airport to welcome you and to bring you to the hotel. Their hospitality may be an example to everybody.

They started with the first boat with 2 outboard engines (Mariner 250). That season they were really good but the boat wasn't fast enough to win the title.

For the second year and the third year they came with their new yellow Chaudron and it was a big step forward (2 Mercury's 500) because the boat and engines were ok, but as long as the sea was flat they were in the top 3 but if it was bumpy than the boat was a little bit to short.

In the meantime Angelo was driving his 41 Chaudron and he won the world title.

The year after he asked Aaron to race with him and Aaron's first World title was a fact. Than they had the luck that an Ukrainian came to visit the P1 races and the success story could go further on.

In my view and with what I have seen from Aaron and even his sister they are real fighters and winners. It is really in their blood and also they are always very professional and gentlemen drivers.

In all these years we never had disputes with them on a decision or result, a lot of questions but always in a sympathetic way.

For the future…well there is a lot in the offering and a lot of hearsay….but what ever the decision Aaron and Chaudron are a professuonal team who will continue to grow and challenge whatever.”

When asked about his favourite racing venue Aaron said “Malta is a natural choice because besides the local support serves as a grand motivation I enjoy sharing the excitement of the home crowd.” Definitely Malta’s success as a P1 foremost location was undoubtedly boosted with the presence and success of Aaron and Chaudron in general.

Well it’s only normal that Aaron had his snotty moments too: “Looking down from the top edge of the podium with the Maltese flag draped around my neck, I felt proud of both my achievement and my origin”

For Aaron and the Chaudron family the P1 Championships opened bright horizon business way, having had prime spotlight exposure first in 2007 and 2008 with Italian Angelo Tedeschi and in 2009 with Ukrainian Viktor Shemchuk who following his 2009 victory had a most noteworthy comment on the Maltese boat-builders; “We are very happy that the Ukrainian Spirit came into P1 under the name of Chaudron as we think they are one of the best boat-building companies in Europe.  When Aaron drives a boat  it is very comfortable with him. Today he really is the best pilot in the world. And in our team he is also a "universal soldier" for whom nothing is impossible. I am proud that we have established friendly relations. I'm sure he will be a worthy successor of Ciantar's family business. In Ukraine Aaron Ciantar is known as a great Maltese."

Further to being owner of Seagull Chaudron (43), Viktor Shemchuk is also President of the Ukrainian Federation of Powerboats.

Austrian Hannes Bohinc, World Champion Evolution Class in 2005 and 2009, who also has known Aaron since joining the P1 racing clan, believes that "Aaron's achievements in P1 reflect his talent as a powerboat racer. Even when his boat was not a SuperSport front-runner, he still managed to compete with the larger more powerful craft which says a great deal about his seamanship and drive. He has the backing of a good family and is a credit to them and to his home country. If Aaron does decide to step up to the Evolution Class he will equip himself well and I look forward to racing against him."

It is so natural to find many successful stories and disappointment incidents too in the adventurous life of a World Champion. Yes, there is so much to write about, so natural and expected in any dynamic personality such as Aaron Ciantar.

Attached to this introduction one can read more about Aaron Ciantar and his successful adventure in a number of pdfs related to stories published on the local media regarding his P1 involvement.

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