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Craig Farrugia Vella has become quite well known due to the extremely good results he has been earning in various regattas in many countries scattered around the world. This promising young sailor is not only making a name for himself but is also helping in cementing Malta firmly on the world map of sailing. Craig sails an optimist sailing boat bearing Sail number MLT 86.

The following are Craig’s achievements to date in point form. It is hoped that this list will get longer and longer with further updates to his profile.

•             Started sailing at the age of 7 years at Birzebbuga sailing club.
•             His coach then was David Dalli who had proved to be not only a great coach but also was chosen by Craig himself to be his god father for Confirmation
•             He has since then trained every weekend, rain or shine
•             He is a member of the Malta Young Sailors Club and is being currently coached by national coach Jean Paul Fleri Soler, and one of the best coaches world wide Mauro Bencic.
•             He has participated in regattas all over Europe namely Italy, UK, Norway, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, Corsica, Oman, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark.

Recent Achievements

•             National champion for 2 consecutive years: 2013, 2014
•             2nd place at Crotone International Regatta Feb 2016 with 190 sailors from 12 countries. This regatta has been organized in preparation of Europeans Championship 2016 being held at the same location.
•             8th place gold fleet at Mussanah Race week Oman January 2016. Here the 10 worldwide champions have been invited to race during this regatta. Number of sailors participating 150 sailors
•             1st place at Euromed Malta December 2015, 200 sailors from all over Europe
•             2nd Overall during Slovenian national championship September 2015
•             7th place at Alexandropolis Regatta Greece July 2015
•             27th position at Dutch youth regatta May 2015 with 430 sailors
•             2nd at Belgian national championship regatta
•             participated for 5 consecutive years at Guinness world record event at Garda with over 1000 sailors, finishing most of the time in gold fleet.
•             Has been part of Winner Team for 2 consecutive years. Winner is a boat builder who chooses the top sailors from every country.
•             Has been chosen as an Elite sportsman by Malta Olympics committee

Apart from the above achievements, Craig has also taken advantage of sailing such that

•             He has made many friends around the globe
•           Learned how to travel alone. Last summer he was away sailing around Europe for 2 months
•             Built up a strong character with great leadership skills
•         Has been trained to participate in sports in a fair and disciplined manner

His short term aim is to do well at the European Championship 2016 at Crotone. His long term ambition is to participate in the Middle Sea Race with a great team and win it!

Apart from sailing Craig manages to juggle well between school and sport and excels in both.

He is also a great enthusiast of flight simulator in his free time, and is determined to become a pilot and fly an A380 in his future career.

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